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Strategic Planning

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Crampton Consulting Group has been involved in Strategic Planning and Partner Alignment within the veterinary profession for a number of years and are renowned for their practical veterinary focused approach.

The format can be tailored to suit the specific needs of the practice with times and venue to suit the workflow of the practice. We use a simple yet comprehensive approach enabling all staff (where relevant) to be included. Additionally, aspects such as corporate governance coaching and partnership profiling can be added to maximise strategic outcomes.

Experience the benefits of a strategic planning session. These include:

  • Clear role definition and expectations within the practice
  • Enhanced corporate governance practices
  • Focused practice growth strategies and staff management processes
  • Development of clear vision, mission and core value statements
  • Templates and tools to design a formal strategic plan for the practice
  • Supporting consultant to present your plan to your practice team

CCG also recommends the use of behaviour and motivation profiling tools to enhance partnership alignment and relationships.

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Crampton Consulting Group have been an integral part of Pacific Vetcare's dramatic growth and development for over ten years. three areas that they have made a major difference to our practice in the last 12 months are, their guidance and insight into the development of our new strategic pan, their experience and ideas for the induction of two new partners and the empowerment of our practice manager.

David Johnson, Pacific Vetcare

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