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Good health and safety management means working together - management and staff - and the benefits flow to everyone. Employees benefit through a safer, healthier workplace, with fewer injuries and illnesses. They will also have increased job satisfaction and employment stability that flows from effective teamwork. Employers can benefit from lower operating costs, increased productivity, better products and services and improved competitive position. So what’s stopping you from protecting the future of your Practice?

Crampton Consulting Group can provide you with a tailor-made e-manual allowing easy integration with practice specific information. Your Manual will include a safety induction training module, a 12 month workplace safety plan and a suite of relevant policies, templates and reporting forms.

The information contained in this manual is to be used only as a guide to assist you in making your practice compliant and should not be considered a complete or comprehensive source of information for Work Health & Safety. It is advised to consult the appropriate legislation in your state and country, and other experts in this area. Provet Pty Ltd therefore accepts no responsibility for the content and use of the information provided within this manual. Please note under legislation, SDS’s require updating every 5 years. Please contact the product manufacturers for updates as required.