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Pet Protector Child

Pet Protector

Great for your clients. Great for your practice.

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A comprehensive online course you can sell or gift to your clients to teach them more about dog and cat health care.

The course is written by qualified Veterinarians and Veterinary Nurses with decades of experience training clients in pet health care. Modules include pet body language, basic pet care, health requirements, infectious diseases and common emergency situations.

BONUS: Activities and resources to help parents motivate their children to be involved in pet care.

How does it work?

Purchase packs of course access cards that you can sell or gift to your clients as part of a special promotion, reward program or puppy program. Your client enrols online using the instructions and access token on the Course Access Card. Technical support is provided by CCG.

What’s included?

  • 2 x four module online courses with video lessons
  • Downloadable course notes to keep
  • Learning activities and the tools to get children involved in pet care

Benefits of selling this to your clients:

  • Bond clients to your practice
  • Have clients who understand the importance of preventative health care and invest in it
  • Simply sell the Course Access card and the client does the rest

Selling to your clients:

  • CCG provides you with downloadable marketing materials to use in your practice
  • You decide on the price (RRP $29.95)

Pricing Structure:

Personalised Branding

For a one-off fee, customise your Pet Protector course with a branded and personalised banner. This banner will appear on every course page, linking your client to your practice every step of the way!


Module 1

Take a look at the history of the dog and cat, including different breeds. Understand their natural behaviour and explore the way that dogs and cats communicate verbally and using their body language. This helps you to understand and interact with them in a calm, safe way.

Module 2

Learn about the basic care that your pet needs. Take an in-depth look at nutritional requirements, grooming, oral health and desexing. You will also explore the role of play and suitable toys. Helping dogs and cats stay mentally healthy is also covered. In the dog section you will learn about the important subject of socialisation and early training with tips to get you off on the right foot. Follow these to have a well adjusted dog with good manners that is a pleasure to own.

Module 3

Discover potentially life threatening infectious diseases that affect pets and how you can easily prevent them with vaccination. You will cover external parasites (such as flea and ticks) and internal parasites (such as gastrointestinal worms and heartworm). You will learn about the treatment and prevention of them. You will understand common ailments, possible causes and when you should seek veterinary advice.

Module 4

Learn about common emergency situations that you may come across. Understand common signs and symptoms and how you can perform first aid measures. Understand how you should transport sick or injured animals to the vet.


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