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Behaviour and Motivator Profiling

Would you like a more harmonious and tolerant practice team?

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DISC Behaviour Profiling

‘DISC’ is the universal language of observable behaviour. DISC is how individuals behave. It looks at how we deal with problems, people, pace and procedures. Our personalised profiling allows practices to uncover behavioural and communication styles within the team helping to promote tolerance and awareness.

Sample Management Report

Please view the video below for an introduction to DISC.


Workplace Motivator Profiling

Would you like to understand the language and science of motivating your team?


Any type of change begins with the right motivation. The Workplace Motivators is a powerful profiling tool that allows you to understand what motivates and drives your team into action. Whether you are working with teams, managers, individuals or customers, by learning the Workplace Motivators language you will empower people to motivate, understand and relate to others more effectively.

DISC and Motivators profiling will benefit your business by:

  • Ensuring you understand what motivates your team
  • Assisting you to develop and implement strategies to manage staff
  • Increasing productivity amongst staff as well as profitability
  • Ensuring you reward team members accurately and individually

Sample Behaviours and Motivators Report



“Having the DISC seminar made a significant difference to our practice interaction. All full-time staff were analysed, and (with universal agreement) everyone’s DISC assessment was shared with the other staff. As a result of the DISC system, we are all, in general, much more understanding of our own and our colleagues’ behavioural quirks. Knowing our tendencies allows us to self-monitor and moderate our own behaviour, and to place the others’ behaviour into perspective. I would thoroughly recommend this as a staff cohesion and management tool.“

Dr. Deborah Monks,
Brisbane Bird and Exotic Veterinary Service

“I found the Motivators profile a fascinating insight into why I do what I do! A great follow on from the basic DISC profile on workplace behaviour. As a manager I believe this is a valuable team building exercise. It’s fun, it’s interesting and is no doubt a valuable tool to help team members understand each other! If we can all become more self-aware and understand what motivates both ourselves and others then surely the workplace and therefore the practice can only benefit!“

Elizabeth Young,
West Queanbeyan Veterinary Hospital

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